Monday, February 23, 2009

Vice President Biden introducing economist Mark Zandi at today's 'financial responsibility' summit

Our first speaker today will be Dr. Mark Zandi. Dr. Zandi is the chief economist and co-founder of Moody's Economic -- excuse me, Moody's -- where he directs the company's research and consulting activities. He's one of the best big picture guys in the business. His most recent book, "Financial Shock," was widely praised for its lucid explanation of the housing bust. What's less well known about Mark is that he donated the royalties from that book to a fund to invest in low-wealth neighborhoods. He's also an economic adviser to John McCain's campaign. And I'm glad he's -- he's here with us today.

. . . . p> And as I understand it, we're going to -- I'm now turning the program over to -- to Mark, if I'm not mistaken.

Mark, welcome.


MR. ZANDI: Thank you for that very kind introduction. It was greatly appreciated, and the opportunity to speak this afternoon at this important meeting, to address the nation's daunting long-term fiscal challenges.

I'll make two broad points in my remarks.

First, the Obama administration has inherited the worst fiscal situation in the nation's modern economic history.

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