Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looks like Robert Gibbs is going to be President Obama's Press Secretary

Here's the news.

This is a great choice.

For one, check out Mr. Gibbs' amiable but tough confrontation with Fox's Sean Hannity. I've posted the video below. Mr. Hannity tries his normal attempt at character assassination, but Mr. Gibbs doesn't let him get away with it. Good for him.

In an overall sense, Mr. Gibbs is a commendable and well thought-out choice. His face and voice will now represent the Obama adminstration to the press and the world. Mr. Gibbs has a nice southern accent -- remember, the south overwhelmingly went for Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama -- and a nice relaxed but straightforward way about him. When I have seen him on TV, he has seemed to enjoy interacting with the press. I think the press will like him.

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