Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More on the campaign: Polls paint a positive picture for Sen. Obama

Composite look at VA polls, presidential race. Source: http://www.pollster.com/polls/va/08-va-pres-ge-mvo.php.

A landslide victory on the horizon?

Right now, according to Pollster.com, Sen. Obama has a commanding lead.

There are eight battleground states (states where the poll numbers are close enough to make them toss-ups). The state featured above, Virginia, which has not voted Democratic since 1964, is not one of them. As the data-image shows, Sen. Obama has opened a significant lead in VA. The eight battleground states are:

Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana, and Nevada.

According to Pollster.com's composite average of polls, Sen. Obama is ahead in all of them except Indiana and Montana. If the race were held today and the polls roughly reflected the way the states were to play out, Sen. Obama would be the next president. He would win with 367 electoral votes to 171 electoral votes for Sen. McCain. That would be, by contemporary standards, a landslide victory.

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