Monday, October 13, 2008

Could the Republicans actually lose Florida? average of multiple polls. Source.

The Florida polls don't look good for Sen. McCain and the Republicans., a composite of multiple different polls, has it 50.2 percent to 44.6 percent.

And now there is word that the state's Republican governor Charlie Crist is cutting down his campaign appearances. From the Miami Herald:

Even Gov. Charlie Crist, who helped deliver Florida for McCain during the primary, said he will be spending more time minding the state's weak economy than campaigning for the Arizona senator in the final weeks before Election Day.

''When I have time to help, I'll try to do that,'' Crist said last week, after he flew around the state with McCain running mate Sarah Palin. Saturday, he skipped a McCain football rally and instead went to Disney World.

I find this strange. McCain simply can't lose Florida if he hopes to win the race. What's more, the explanation Gov. Crist gives -- that he will pay more mind to the state's poor economy -- is just more fire for Obama's message. How does one explain this? Maybe Gov. Crist and Sen. McCain had a falling out. Crist was rumored to be on McCain's short list for VP. Maybe when Sen. McCain chose Gov. Palin -- by most accounts she is wildly inexperienced and ill-prepared -- he ticked off Gov. Crist. Or maybe something else is going on. Whatever the reason, the GOP will face major questions about itself if it loses Florida. And I wonder if they will consider Sarah Palin to have been a net weakness for the ticket.

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