Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sarah Palin effect: Will she continue galvanizing the Republican brand?

Sarah Palin is a case study in how media shape events . . .

. . . and people. And political parties. And the reality around us.

What Gov. Palin "becomes" over the next two months will depend to a considerable extent upon the way that she is talked about in everyday conversations. And the way that she is talked about in everyday conversations will depend upon the media coverage she is given. One of the crucial features of contemporary times is the monumental role of communications media in defining reality. Indeed, the media will in many ways decide Gov. Palin's national political future. And, in doing so, the media will be shaping to a significant degree the country's political future.

We live in a world in which what Gov. Palin says and does is less important than how the media frame what she says and does.

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