Thursday, September 11, 2008

Larry Kudlow is funny . . .

On Mr. Kudlow's blog, which I never ever go a few days without reading, he uses his Monday entry to ponder a Palin-McCain ticket (yes, in that order) before mocking the notion that there is something like sound economic analysis.

Speaking of Ms. Palin and her sidekick John McCain, polls are showing a huge Big Mac surge. Even Intrade shows a virtual dead heat. Maybe that’s what drove stocks up today.

Mr. Kudlow is so funny. The thing to remember when reading the great American Kudlow (or watching him on TV) is that above all he is funny. Entertaining. Tongue-in-cheek. I love him, and so should you. But as much as he makes me laugh, I'm glad there are others I can turn to for a decent understanding of how markets work.

One thing that is great about capitalism is the division of labor it provides for a society. Some people are comedians. Some people are sound economic analysts. Capitalism allows for a distinction here, and we are better off for it.

Long live Kudlow! (I think he is way funnier than Ben Stein.)

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