Friday, September 19, 2008

High School football rankings: Fall fun on a football Friday

I am probably in the running for the nerdiest football fan in the country. Today, my candidacy got even stronger. I went to -- a popular web destination for high school and college football, basketball, and baseball fans -- in search of data. I looked up the top 100 high school football teams, at least how rivals ranked them. Here are the top 100. And here is what I found:

--The top team in the country is from Euless, TX

--30 different states are represented in the top 100

--14 of the states are what I have labeled 'southern,' 6 are from the 'midwest,' 6 are from the 'west,' 2 are from the 'northeast,' and two are from the 'east'

--California is the state with the most representation, with 14 teams in the top 100

--Florida (12) and Texas (11) are the only other two with double digit numbers of representatives

--Hawaii has two teams on the list

--65 of the top 100 teams come from states that I have labeled 'southern.' These southern states are: FL (12), TX (11), GA (5), AZ (5), LA (3), VA (3), MS (3), OK (3), TN (2), SC (2), AL (2), KY (2), AR 1), MO (1)

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